2020 in Review for Jobincrete.com

2020 such a strange year for Crete. Lockdown was quite a hit the touristic market and seasonal jobs. But our community continued to stay active and grow despite the situation. Here are a few insights to summarize 2020.


481 persons subscribed to the newsletter in  2020. A total of 1047 people are now regularly receiving the free newsletter. And a total of 30% of the audience opens and reads the content.

subscribers Jobs in Crete

Facebook group

Over 1300 people joined our Facebook Group (Work in Crete) in 2020. Now the group has a total of 4100 members and around 1700 of them are active in the community (active means that they are consulting the updates, interacting in the community, liking or commenting posts). I also refused over 300 profiles considered as fakes or spam. And last year 27 members were banned for violating the group rules or Facebook policy.

posts in Job in Crete

790 posts (mostly job ads or job requests) were published in 2020 with a total of 1580 comments and 3500 reactions to those (likes, shares, …).

Popular times in Job in Crete

The community is the most active on Mondays and between 9 AM and 10 AM.

Age and Gender job in crete

62% of our members are women and 38% men.

countries job in crete

Most of the members are located in Greece and most of them are from Chania and then Heraklio.

New features and projects

In 2020, I published in Beta version an expat directory for people migrating to Crete but more globally to Greece. In 2021, I will add a few new features to this directory and I hope to send the newsletter on a more consistent schedule.

Ads, revenues and, Finances

The jobincrete website, newsletter, and Facebook group are ads free. The subscribers’ list is private and not shared (and will never be). At the same time, I had to cover expenses for hosting the website and sending the newsletter. So in 2021, I intend to integrate small ads on the website and expats directory, not to generate any revenues but to cover expenses.


Happy New Year and thank you to be part of this community