You will serve as a Emergency Management Specialist in the Navy Support Activity Emergency Dispatch of NAVSUPPACT SOUDA BAY.


  • You will conduct required training in Emergency Management (EM) Directives and EM policy directives to ensure personnel are prepared and certified in incident command systems (ICS).
  • You will coordinate training for Crisis Management Teams (CMT) and specialized units to maintain emergency readiness.
  • You will oversee Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) emergency planning and training programs (e.g., continuing training, retention testing, drills) to maintain emergency preparedness.
  • You will Manage Emergency Operations Center (EOC) C4I infrastructure to include system operations for secure and unsecure communication and video managment systems.
  • You will monitor and approve contract supported upgrades and repairs to all communications systems within the Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

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