Expats in Greece 2020 review and Do’s and Don’ts

With COVID measures and digital nomads, our Facebook group “Expats in Greece” grew a lot in 2020. We were 7800 members in January 2020 and we are now over 12.000 (6000 being active).

In 2020, I approved 4916 new members, declined 1056 people, and blocked 67 persons (during membership workflow). It’s an average of 12 member requests per day.

I validated 2530 posts in 2020 (7 new posts per day on average) but unfortunately, I refused more posts than I accepted (over 3500 posts refused). Those messages generated 32.000 comments and around 50.000 reactions (likes, share, …).

Later in 2020, I also introduced a free directory of useful links and business for expats in Greece

Before posting in the group

With our community growing quickly, I tend to refuse more and more posts, business links, marketing ads, … I also note a big increase of racist and homophobic comments lately. Considering how big is our community is now, it’s not possible to post business links or advertisements in the group. So here a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting in Expats in Greece:

  • Is it about Greece? And about people migrating to Greece? If not, DO NOT POST IT. Sure Greek beaches are wonderful, but this community is NOT about tourism in Greece but about tips for living and moving to Greece.
  • Is the content promoting a service, a business (even a freelance), a company, or a business event? Then post the link into the expat directory but not in the group. If you do so, you will be removed and blocked.
  • Do you want to post a customer support job for Teleperformance or similar companies? Well, do not. Our group is spammed by such ads from head hunters from all over Europe. If you post about it, you will be removed and blocked from the group.
  • You do not like the person posting, or the messages posted? Then ignore it but do not reply in an aggressive mode. People being aggressive, racist, homophobic will be removed.
  • Did you find a lost dog, cat? I love pets but this group is about Migrating to Greece. So please find a local Facebook group for your city and post it there.

Those rules come obviously on top of Facebook terms.

What kind of messages are accepted then?

  • Questions about migration workflow (residency permit, AMKA, bank account, …)
  • Ads for a job, home, flat…
  • General questions about Greece and living in Greece
  • Any information that could impact expats living in Greece

If you are unsure or if you have questions, you can still reach out to me directly.

Have a great 2021 year.