Hotel Secretary (Full Time)

Assisting the administration and ensuring all functions and processes of the department are carried out effectively with consistency. Executes various administrative tasks in accurate and professional way within the Resort’s standard and procedure. The Administration Secretary will be required to conduct duties in a productive, ethical and efficient manner ensuring that the highest level of service is maintained. 

Creates all the job descriptions and handbooks for each department, in cooperation with the HOD’s. Maintaining a high level of staff ‘etiquette’ in each department, and making sure that the team members follow the Radisson Blu Standards, Job Description procedures and Handbook details.

Maintains the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, and attitude toward colleagues and ensure that they receive warm welcome to the Radisson Blu beach Resort.
Create of all the policies and procedure and standard operating procedure of the Human Resources Department.

The Administration Secretary will be responsible for recruiting new staff, interviews, and the whole recruitment process in cooperation with the Management. 
Moreover, responsible for Staff trainings according to the Radisson Blu Standards. Finally, responsible for recognizing the actual needs of each department, and focusing on employee relations.

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