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Hiring- Local Guide to assist clients – Chania, Crete Island
I work for a US based Surrogacy Agency – Love and Kindness Surrogacy. We work with local clinics in Chania, Crete Island to assist individuals and couples to be become parents through surrogacy. We provide high-end services at a reasonable and fair price for families to grow together.
We are looking to hire a local in Chania to assist clients as they travel to Crete Island for IVF services and surrogacy through local clinics. We need someone who can assist clients during a very vulnerable and wonderful time in their lives as they make their way towards becoming parents.
The job will include but not be limited to the following tasks –
-Travel accommodations
-Translation Services (Greek to English)
-Transportation assistance to and from various locations (local clinic, hospital, lodgings, etc.)
-Taking pictures of local scenery for use on L&K International website
-Planning/executing an itinerary for client
We will pay a fair wage ranging between $15-$20 USD. We need some part-time help immediately and then we will need some full-time assistance in 12-18 months as clients start treatments in Chania, Crete Island.
If you are interested or know someone that is interested, please email me at derick@loveandkindnesssurrogacy.com

To apply for this job please visit loveandkindnesssurrogacy.com.